NTFP - Fully Automatic Up-Down Moving Cloth Type Filter Press

NTFP - Dual Head Moving Type Filter Press

NTFP-FILTER PRESS - Simultaneous & Complete Discharge and Wash

  • NTFP filter cloths of each filter room, a separate unit, are moving up and down simultaneously by a roller chain and wash filter cloths in & out after complete cake discharge
  • Filter cloth driving force from the motor installed on the filter frame is transfer to each cloth by sprockets and roller chains. Each cloth moves in a special way that two adjacent cloths are folded together (only the inner surface) while moving up and down without contacting filter cake on the other side and damaging the plate sealing surface.

Advanced Fully Automated Continuous Operation Process Mechanism

Characteristics and Benefits

1. Excellent Dehydration Capability

Low cake moisture content through high-pressure slurry feeding and squeezing process

2. Improved Processing Capacity(Cycle Time Reduction)

Maximized capacity by simultaneous cake separation and shortened washing cycle time by simultaneous filter cloth washing

3. Perfect Cake Separation and fall-off

Perfect cake separation achieved by vertical up/down movements of entire filter cloth

4. Perfect Filter Cloth Washing

Filter cloths cleansed by the spray nozzles located at the bottom of the plates during up and down movement of filter cloths


  • Drinking and Industrial Water Treatment
  • Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Material Production Process in the Chemical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Ceramic and Mining Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Dyeing and Pigment Industry
  • Fermentation Industry
  • Oil Refinery Industry

Complete Discharge of Filter Cake, Fully Automated ECFP-FILTER PRESS

  • Widely adopted in voluminous treatments for its large capacity handling.
  • Very unique ECFP design with liquid top-feed, filter cloth moving separately, filter plates open/close simultaneously, etc.
  • With high dehydration rate, application areas are broad such as various chemical Industry processes, waste water treatment, sewage treatment plants, etc.

NTFP - Fixed Filter Cloth Filter Press

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Simple design with easy operation and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Various options for material, squeeze and separation methods to suit any installation requirements
  • The highest performance efficiency at low initial investment cost


  • Sewage Water and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Metal Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Fermentation and Drinking Water Idustry
  • Ceramic and Mining Industry