Neotec Air Disinfection Purifier is installed in ventilation ductwork of the central air system and kills harmful microbes and viruses in the air. Neotec Air Disinfection Purifier is particularly effective at reducing Formaldehyde-causing sick house syndrome, and odors-causing Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) and can be applied to a variety facilities such as multi-use, food production, pharmaceutical, medical, public, etc. facilities.


- Waterproof socket structure for stable operation from external moisture and dust
- High-efficiency electronic ballasts for stable lamp ignition
- UVA+UVC lamp operation time display
- Easy lamp replacement without the special tools
- Applicable to a wide range (the air conditioner coil, the outside air intake duct, etc.)
- Semi-permanent life Activated Carbon + Titanium Dioxide Catalyst
- Simple installation


1. What is UV?

Ultraviolet(UV) is largely divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, and UVV
- UVA : 320~400nm wavelengths is called a Black Light. It is mainly used in artificial tanning or blue light, and 400nm in UVA range is used for the photocatalyst technology to transmute pollutant into harmless substances.
- UVB : 280~320nm wavelengths is called Dorno Light. It helps human body to form a vitamin D but it could cause redness of the skin if over exposed.
- UVC : 200~280nm wavelengths is called Germicidal Light. The DNA and proteins of the cells well absorbs the wavelength and mainly used for disinfection.
- UVV : 40~200nm wavelengths is called Vacuum Ultraviolet Light. 185nm is used in a low concentration ozone generator

2. Neotec Air Sterilization Purifier NAP

NAPs system represents a unique combination of UVC + UVA light and Activated Carbon + Titanium Dioxide Catalyst which that effectively achieves disinfection and purification of the air. Neotec NAP - Patent Application - 1 phase : UVC lights sterilize viruses, microorganisms and molds in air. - 2 phase : UVA reacts with Titanium Dioxide infused into the carbon generates Hydroxyl radical and effectively disintegrates the captured contaminants such as VOCs.

3. Neotec UVA + UVC Lamp

Neotec UVA + UVC lamp is highly effective having capability to both sterilize microorganisms with UVC(253.7nm wavelength) and reduce volatile organic compounds(VOCs) by activate photocatalystic(TiO2) combination with UVA(300~400nm) and titanium dioxide infused activated carbon

4. Air Sterilization with UV

UVC wavelengths of ultraviolet are well known to be very effective for sterilization of microorganisms such as molds and viruses. This frequency sterilizes microbial contaminants and scramble their DNA to prevent them from reproducing. Neotec Air Sterilization Purifier kills over 99.9% of Airborne.

5. Removal of volatile organic compounds(VOCs) reaction with ultraviolet light

The strong reactive OH radicals are generated when moisture air is exposed to ultraviolet(UVA wavelengths) and photocatalystc(TiO2), and destroy potentially toxic VOCs and improve air quality.

6. Comparison

- A system using a UVC + TiO2 sterilizes air but does not properly activate the photocatalyst TiO2 and remove VOC.

- For the method using the UVA + TiO2, VOC removal capability from photocatalyst TiO2 activation is good but microorganism disinfection is poor.

- A system using UVC + UVV method for both capabilities of sterilization and VOC removal is good but incapable of indoor installation due to harmful ozone production. It is mainly used for odor removal at waste treatment plants and sewage treatment plant

- A system using UVC + UVA + TiO2 is highly effective at sterilization by UVC, and excellent at disinfection by UVA + TiO2 activation without producing any harmful ozone.



- Internal Air Conditioner(University of Seoul)