What is Plasma?

In essence, the Plasma is an ionized gas and called as the 4th state of matter. The plasma consists of equal number of positive and negative ions and can carry electricity. Plasma is generated by imposing a high-voltage discharge between the two electrodes, and its inner temperature may reach 10,000°C.

Advanced Hybrid Odor Control System Mechanism

DDBD⁄ARC Plasma Generation Principle

Flow Chart


Odor elimination (e.g. in the food industry, wastewater treatment plants, composting plants, sludge treatment, tobacco industry, plastic industry, etc.) Indoor air purification (e.g. hospital, restaurant, casinos, airport, office buildings, etc.) Removal of solvents in low concentration from exhaust air (painting booth, and printing industries, etc.) Decontamination of toxic substances.

01. Sewage Treatment Plant 02. Livestock Wastewater Treatment Plant 03. Feed Mill 04. Dye House 05. Industrial Plant 06. Slaughterhouse 07. Food Plant 08. Textile Factory

AHOCS Series Overview

AHOCS Characteristics
Pre-filter + DDBD/ARC Plasma + Ozone Adsorbent + Zeolite (Option, UV Catalyst) Small footprint Lower maintenance & Energy Cost No disposal of unwanted by-products

01.Ozone generator 02.Pre-filter 03.Plasma Generator Dielectric Brrier Discharge(DDBD) 04.Zeolite Bed(Type1) Ozone Adsorbent 05.Zeolite Bed(Type2) Adsorbent 06.Zeolite Bed(Type3) Adsorbent 07.FAN

Advanced Hybrid Odor Control System

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